::I Liek Sleep::

Being asleep gives be peace..

It's nice but..

You never know what's lurking in the darkness.

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::ADVICE #1::

Just because someone’s accomplishing more than you are right now doesn’t mean you’re failing.

Success isn’t a race

::ADVICE #2::

You can't always be there for someone.

But it is nice, they'll appreciate it,

Just remember to take care of yourself.

::ADVICE #3::

It's never too late to learn something

If you want to learn the piano and you're 14?

Go for it, no one's stopping you but yourself.

::ADVICE #4::

The time you take being jealous of other people's success

is the time you could be using to build your own.

::ADVICE #5::

You're never going to "feel like it"

Do it now or else you're never gonna do it

::ADVICE #6::

Doing and practicing now is better

than waiting for the perfect moment

::ADVICE #7::

Eliminate people with toxic habits from your life

You'll live happier without them anyway

::ADVICE #8::

You are in control

Everything you've done up ti this moment led you here.

Therefore, your future is determined by what you do now.

::ADVICE #9::

Everything is as it should be

And only later in life

You can connect the dots

::ADVICE #10::

Self discipline will give you freedom

consistency will give you results

::ADVICE #11::

Everything is temporary.

You should find freedom in this concept

::ADVICE #12::

The rich stay rich acting poor

And the poor stay poor acting rich

::ADVICE #13::

Being healthy means

Finding the balance between the good and the bad

::ADVICE #14::

The people that outranked you

have outworked you

::ADVICE #15::

You can't be grateful and negative

at the same time